Elizabeth Holland & Michael Choate invite you to join us at START LINE INN for 4 Seasons in the Woods. We recently retired and are embracing this new adventure as innkeepers in the North Woods of WI. Michael is a retired Chicago firefighter. Elizabeth is a retired diagnostic radiologist. Michael is a veteran XC ski and bike racer. He has skied 30 Birkebeiners, competing in elite wave in both classic & skate events. Elizabeth is a relative newcomer to these sports & brings a beginner’s enthusiasm to these endeavors.

Our vision for the cabin was to provide an inviting space for folks to enjoy the North Woods. As we looked at the old cabin, we saw beautiful bones but a clearly distressed building balancing precariously on rotting log stumps. The cabin had no creature comforts: no plumbing, a single light bulb dangling from a frayed cord, an overworked and minimally effective wood burning stove and was dark and drafty. So, we undertook the process of massive renovation. First, we designed START LINE SERVICES, our full service bike & XC ski repair center located at the lower level of the cabin rental. We then moved the cabin over on to it, closer to the cross-country ski and mountain bike trails and with bonus of better view of the trails and forest. The interior was gutted. Every step of the rebuild was designed to keep cabin charm while providing an inviting, open, bright and relaxing space. It is our hope that you agree we have achieved that goal.

Welcome to our cabin rental, bicycle repair shop and cross-country (XC) ski repair services!