I was lucky enough to have Start Line’s business card on hand when I broke the rear derailleur on my bike in the middle of the Chequamegon one day into a four day bikepacking trip. Immediately upon receiving my distress call, Mike sprung into action. He rounded up a good friend who lived about ten miles away who picked my bike and me up with his truck and drove to his house, where Mike was waiting with a new derailleur. Less than an hour later, my bike was back rolling smoothly. Without Mike’s determination and graciousness – he alone drove over 30 mines to come fix my bike – my trip would have been over just after it had begun. If you are planning on doing any cycling in the Chequamegon, have Start Line’s number handy. It very well may be the difference between reaching the finish line with a huge smile or limping out of the woods waving the white flag.

Thanks to everyone at Start Line, but especially Mike and Gerry.