Waxes, glide & kick, to suit all weather & snow conditions

Our Cable, Wisconsin cross-country ski shop is small, focusing on service and personal attention. Mike Choate is the owner and service provider. Mike will take the time to listen carefully to your concerns. He wants to get to know you as a skier, client and neighbor. Whether you prefer classic or skate, are new to the sport or a veteran racer; Mike can address your needs and keep you happy on the trails. Do not be sidelined by equipment issues.

Chose the wrong wax, no worries, come on in and we can remedy that on the spot. Dealing with a stubborn pair of skis? Come in for an analysis. Given our location, ski in/out to the Birkie Trail and Start, you can do Glide Tests on the trails where you will be training and racing and feel confident with the performance of your skis. For many service issues, Mike can provide immediate turn around, sending you back to the trail. We understand how important it is to take advantage of the perfect snow days. We pride ourselves on reasonable & competitive prices. Mike strives to provide the most cost-effective cross-country ski service while not sacrificing safety or performance.


reasonable & competitive prices

Mike has over 30 years of experience in the shop and on the ski trail. As a former elite racer, both classic and skate, he understands how to help you optimize your performance and that of your equipment. He is now stepping back from competitive world and wants to share his knowledge and experience with recreational skiers and competitive racers alike. If your training grounds are snow challenged or you enjoy XC year-round, Mike can provide roller ski guidance & service. Mike has unique advantage of living on the Birkie Trail and thus can test conditions each day and pass along his recommendations to you.


  • Ski fit consultation
  • Pole upgrades & fit
  • Kick zone evaluation
  • Stone grinding
  • Binding mounts and remounts
  • Base repair, detuning
  • Wax consultation & application
  • Boot fit evaluation & foot beds
Infra-red Waxer, Wax Future
Montana Stone Grinder, Nordic Specific


Mike has extensive experience with Stone Grinding and provides this service in shop. He will deliver your skis to you with a healthy and refreshed base and the proper structure to match your local snow conditions.


  • Waxes, glide & kick, to suit all weather & snow conditions
  • Waxing tools & forms
  • Energy: fluid replacements, gels & bars
  • Parts & accessories
  • Base cleaning products
  • Logo clothing coming soon


Cable, Wisconsin X-C Ski Services

Service hours are generally by appointment. Mike wants to ensure that he has allotted the time to provide you with one on one attention. Mike is available by phone or text 7 days/week from 7-7. Or if you like, please just stop by. If we are here, we are open. We are willing to extend hours to meet your needs. Mike does respond to service or wax emergencies. We know how important it is to keep you on the trails and enjoying your recreation or race time.


14795 McNaught Rd Cable, WI 54821
We are ~ 2 miles from town center
We are the closest shop to the Birkie Start, on the Birkie & CAMBA trails. Ski or bike in/out. If you are on the trail and the wax is just not right, having an equipment issue or you just want to warm up, please ski in.


From Cable on County M
Right on Randysek Rd at Brickhouse Café
Cross Namakagon River
Left on McNaught Rd
Right at START LINE INN banner at our driveway
Just before American Birkebeiner Start totems that flank the road
Shop is on the left at top of driveway

We are ~ 500 meters up the trail from the Start, on the Birkie Skate Trail, just past where the Birkie Classic Trail splits off. Look for our START LINE INN banner on the right, trailside.


Mike Choate (773) 991-5944 call or text or


Before any service commences, Mike will discuss the options with you so there are no surprises. We welcome feedback and strive to provide service that meets your needs and budget.

STONE GRINDING with Precision Infrared waxing

  • Skate skis $50/pair
  • Classic skis $65/pair includes kick zone prep
  • Classic skis $7 more if extensive base cleaning needed
  • Multiple skis, inquire about discount